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Frequently Asked Questions

Which consultation should I choose?

According to individual requirements you have the option to choose a 15, 30 or 45-minute-long consultation. It is based on the complexity and depth of your case.

What equipment do I need for the video/audio call?

We recommend the video chat option, which you can use on a smartphone, laptop, iPad or smart TV. On the device you have to enable both the camera and the microphone. In case these conditions cannot be met, you have the option to have a direct phone call.

How do I need to prepare for the consultation?

Describe your symptoms when booking your appointment and send all your laboratory results in advance.
Think through the questions you want to ask during the consultation in advance.

Which platform do you use for the consultation?

The consultation takes place on an American telemedical video system. You get the link to your video consultation a few minutes before your booked appointment. Copy your clinician’s web address into your browser (either Chrome, Firefox or Safari). Enable the camera and the microphone on your device. Type in your name and click on the check in tab. Your doctor will let you in to the virtual consultation room.

Tips for a good quality consultation:

Make sure, that your internet connection is adequate
Restart your device before the consultation
Try out your camera and microphone in the virtual waiting room
If you need help let us know

Where do I get confirmation of my booking?

You receive an immediate reply about your successful booking via email. In addition, you get a pro forma invoice, which you must pay before the consultation takes place.

Can I also ask you about a case not listed on the website?

Naturally we are open towards everyone and try to help with any case.