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Why choose Hellodoki?

Medical advice, that is easy to reach even from your home.

You don’t have to travel and wait long at the doctor’s office. Instead, you can consult about your worries and questions from the comfort of your couch almost instantly.

In the form of a call or video chat

You can select whether you want to have your consultation as a phone call, online audio call or video chat. The later provides you with an interactive, personal connection complemented by a visual experience.

From a certified source

Here, you don’t make your decision based on the information you get from your friends or the internet, which are often unreliable and contradictory, but rather from a certified source: from doctors qualified in Europe and the United States, according to professional guidelines.

Undivided attention without a rush

During your consultation you get focused and individualised attention. It lasts as long as you want, there is no rush or “Next please” every 5 minutes.

Explanations easy to understand by all and precise briefing

There are no incomprehensible Latin expressions or complicated terminology, rather you get useful explanations and information.

What we believe in

We provide professional and comforting answers to your medical questions.

We help you establish your physical and mental well-being.

We provide guidance and reassurance about where to start.

What do we treat?